Check It!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Students can take a moment out of their busy day to enjoy a refreshing break using Check It! This iOS or Android app, or mobile site can recommend brief activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Walking, eating, talking, laughing, and more!

Check It! targets the busy university student by allowing them to access the My Thought Spot content on their mobile device in a way they can't on the website. The app also targets students who are not necessarily clinically diagnosed with a mental illness, but simply students who are feeling overwhelmed with all of the life changes that accompany the university life.

Walk It! - The app can recommend a timed walk based on their current location. The map showing the walking route will also show MyThoughtSpot locations around them. While the goal of the walk is simply to get out and enjoy the fresh air and exercise, the student is made aware of other services and locations near them; parks, clinics, art galleries, and more.

Talk It! - Students are encouraged to talk with people - friends and family, crisis lines, and even 911 in case of an emergency. There is also a button to show them clinics and other health care providers in their current area.

Eat It! - Forgetting to eat or living off ramen are common characteristics of students. The app will show them nearby healthy eating options including grocery stores or restaurants.

Read It! - A selection of short stories are provided to the user to encourage them to have a reading break. Currently, the stories are brought in from Wattpad, but stories could be brought in from a variety of sources based on users preferences.

Laugh It! - A random slice of humour to brighten up their day. A cute cat video, an online cartoon strip, or other joke can go a long way to relieve some stress.

Add It! -Students can contribute locations they feel help their quest for a healthy lifestyle. Once moderated by MyThoughtSpot, the locations would appear for other users to see.

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