• Up to 5 hackers per team.
  • No alcohol or illicit substances on the premises at any time. 
  • Participants must be respectful and courteous to all attendees and fellow hackers.
  • This event has a health-focused mandate. We encourage you to be healthy throughout the duration of the event (i.e. sleep and limit the number of energy drinks you are consuming)
  • Must present a working prototype. No screenshots or mockups allowed!
Important Information Regarding Ownership and Intellectual Property 

The winning entries will be considered shared Intellectual Property between the winning teams and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Following the hackathon, CAMH will retain the right to further develop prototypes that have won in the Grand Prize and Best Mental Health Innovation categories into final products. Any products developed by CAMH from the winning prototypes will be free, open-source, and not for commercial gain when made available to the public. The winning teams and runner up participants will get the chance to act as consultants on the development of the products, and will be given credit and titles associated with the project when/if their work is used.