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about 8 years ago

Thought Spot data set link and IP agreement

Hi everyone 

Here is the link to the CSV file:

If you have any questions about what can be considered for the grand prize, just ask Miriam and I. Just to clarify, we don't want you to just stick the map in an app holder and call it a day - we do want to instigate some innovative ideas for mental health.

Also we would like to apologize for the mix-up with the collaborator agreement. There was a miscommunication with our legal representatives who may have misunderstood what qualifies as "open-source technology." The winning apps will be shared IP between the team reps and CAMH (previously it stated CAMH would hold all IP rights). Also, a non-compete clause was included by mistake. Participating in this hackathon should not prevent you from taking on any job opportunities in the future. Sorry for the mix up.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning!